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ColorDRIVE Control Box PCB
Control PCB for the ColorDRIVE's own ColorBUS system.
Can be used with ColorDRIVE one and ColorDRIVE 6 (one modulation channel only).

Can be used to manually set modulation voltage via potentiometer or external signal (depending on switch state).

Displays state of interlock, power reduction and ColorDRIVE sensor error.

Features a screw cage clamp connector for external interlock and modulation signal (interlock modes include: line break, line make and "to ground"-mode).

Comes with:
- 15cm flat ribbon cable
- ferrules
- interlock bridging cable
Connector in
1x 6pin Screw Cage Clamp Connector
Connection out
12pin, ColorBUS connector
Control optionsPotentiometer for modulation, switch to choose between on-board modulation and external signal
Mounting4x M3 screws
Dimensions46mm x 35mm
Article in Shop
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Control PCB for easy manual control of any ColorDRIVE with option for external signal input.
35,00 €(MwSt. excl.)
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